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October 24, 2008
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Project Blitz: Xix by Minoru-Kokubunji Project Blitz: Xix by Minoru-Kokubunji
The First Blitz Toa I made :D This is Toa Xix (Pronounced Zix) Please please please , read the description, or else you will miss out on huge parts of my story and how this guy fits into the real Bionicle story. And look forward to seeing more than one new submission tomorrow ^^;

Name: Xix

Toa Type: Blitz

Mask: Volitak

Mask Power: Stealth

Element(s): Ice, Iron

Primary Element: Iron

Elemental Gem: Ice (Elemental Gems give a second or, on rare occasions, third Elemental power to whatever warrior or creature is wearing it.)

Designation: Hunter, Mercenary

Weapons: Tempered Ice Sword, Arm Claws, Iron-Ice Chain Whips

Abilities: (Bolded abilities are not available to this Toa type) [Italicized abilities are exclusive to this Toa or others I have made. Feel free to use them nonetheless.]
* Creating any type of metal.
* Controlling any type of metal.
* Absorbing any type of metal.
* Hardening armor
* Creating Iron cage around opponent
* Firing Iron bolts
* Crashing thick doors/barriers/armors
* Unleashing an Iron Nova Blast.
* Extreme endurance also comes with this Element.

Abilities bestowed with Elemental Gem: (Bolded abilities are not available to this Toa type) [Italicized abilities are exclusive to this Toa or others made by me. Feel free to use them nonetheless.]
* Creating ice/snow/blizzards.
* Creating concentrated beams of ice/snow/coldness.
* Absorbing ice/snow.
* Setting a delayed Ice reaction (Toa Nuva-exclusisve).
* Unleashing an Ice Nova Blast.
* Extreme resistance to cold also comes with this Element.
*Freezing things with just his touch

Description: Xix appeared seemingly out of nowhere on Kordina Nui. He also seems to get from his dwelling in the Ko-Korda mountains to wherever his allies need him quicker than should be possible to a Toa wearing even the Kakama (Mask of Speed). The reason for this is unknown to his team. But in reality, he is in allegiance with the Order of Mata Nui and, possibly, another organization unknown to anyone at all. He was simply ordered to join Blitz. He is considered a Hunter by the Order because of his aggression towards The Brotherhood of Makuta, The Dark Hunters, The Zyglak, and anything and anyone else that opposes the Will of Mata Nui. Xix, as a Matoran, was kind, adventurous, and very wise. He had many friends, and was known to everyone in his city. His Island of Origin is unknown. However, it is known that it was compose of six intertwining cities instead of a collective of six villages. Xix was known best for discovering ancient archives of lost civilizations and, unbeknown to anyone else, the archives of the Order of Mata Nui. Even the Order was unaware of his existence until he arrived at their shores of Daxia, beaten and nearly dead, from a voyage across the sea and many islands. It was later revealed that his vessel had been attacked by wandering Zyglak upon reaching a tiny island about two Mio away from Daxia itself. Apparently, all of the crew but Xix died. The order had not noticed it because they had never expected anyone but their members approaching the island. Xix stayed on Daxia for about ten years and was later sent to Artahka to give him a place to research and so he could not tell anyone about The Order. Seventy-three years later, he was given Toa Powers. Nobody, not even Artahka, knows why this is, but nonetheless, The Order used this to their advantage and trained him for another 200 years. After those two-hundred years, Xix requested to journey to his home island and, upon arriving, found it completely void of life. He later learned that this had been done by a group of rogue Makuta allied with a swarm of Zyglak from the old archives where he used to study. Surprisingly enough, most of the buildings were in relatively good shape. Upon returning to Daxia, he trained for another 500 years with the Order's best warriors, trying to further his skills. His skills could be considered greater than both Axxon's and Brutaka's. About 100 years later, he was surprised when he was called to active duty. This was not what had surprised him however, as the Order was sending him to do public work, a rare thing for anyone in the Order. His mission was to aid a lone Toa Kanohi Knight, named Volor, save his home island of Malelem. He succeeded, and was assigned to stay on the island for an extended period of time. Over the course of that time, Xix became close friends with Volor, keeping only one secret from him. The Order's existence. Although Volor would sometimes question Xix's apparent disappearances from the island, Xix would reassure him that if the need ever arose, he would tell him. So far, that has not been the case. However, Xix has decided that, if he is called to take part in the war with The Brotherhood of Makuta, he will take Volor with him, and inform him of the Order's existence, whether the Order wishes it or not. He is currently located on Kordina Nui with three other Toa. Volor, and two others, yet to be revealed.

:faint: Holy crap! I think that description was longer than Kinizi's! Well, I hope you all enjoy the picture and the description :D And I hope you can forgive my late submission ^^;

My creativity is a gift from God. Please, make sure you give Him credit too :D

Bionicle is (c) Lego

The Character Xix and his corresponding Story is (c) Me
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TheUltamate Oct 26, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
I like the upper arms and the backwards Inika torso, but his waist is really thin. Like, Antroz thin.
IT was a sacrifice I had to make in order to have enough bodies >w<
TheUltamate Oct 26, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
Oh well. Nothing you can do about it now.
Rahiden Oct 25, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
V. cool :D
i just can't tell what that is behind his head

and btw, i just read everything except the story :3 im not tht much into it
You can see what the things behind his head are in the picture right after this one :D
Cave-Shinobi Oct 25, 2008  Student General Artist

but now, you've made me want Krika soo badly >.<

nice MOC :3
:faint: That description is huge! We've already gone over design so I'll say that he has a great back story and very informative list of powers/abilities.

Overall, awesome.
Thank you, thank you! :bow: I am glad you like it :D
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