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November 3, 2008
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Toa Zinlek by Minoru-Kokubunji Toa Zinlek by Minoru-Kokubunji
This is Toa Zinlek. I'm not sure if I want to include him in the Blitz story, but I like his character story. His weapons are a Shadow Pistol (Used to be a Luminous Pistol), Shadow Staff (Used to be a staff of Light), and Shadow Blade. He has to summon the blade using his shadow powers. His mask is a Kanohi Vahi.

Toa Zinlek. Toa of Time, and once a Toa of Light. He was in a battle with the Dark Toa Shinzaburo and ended up losing. Shinzaburo decided to leave him for dead. Zinlek did not expect to live himself, and so waited patiently for death to take him, believing his destiny to have been finished long ago. During this time, a few shadow leeches latched onto him. Crippled as he was, he could do nothing to get them off and was forced to endure the pain. After the endeavor, he found he had his strength back, but he had become a Toa of Shadow. He was devastated by this, and went into secrecy. He felt as though the Matoran would fear him and hate him the way he had become. When Zinlek did not return to his city, the Matoran believed him to be dead, and word soon spread that his island was now without a Toa. Dark hunters and Makuta came by the hundreds, and an age of war and anarchy ensued. Not just between the Matoran and Makuta or Dark Hunters, but between the Dark Hunters and Makuta as well. Toa Zinlek tried with all his effort to get them all off of the island, but without being able to show himself, his efforts ultimately failed. He tried going back in time many times, but each time he saw his island destroyed another way. He eventually gave up and left after reversing time to just before the island was destroyed, freezing time, and building himself a large ship to sail to somewhere far away where he could be forgotten. He made a vow to become stronger and more skilled, and perfected his shadow powers. He stayed on the unnamed island he had found for many years, always honing his skills, always trying to get better. Eventually, he had "visitors". A group of Dark Hunters had come to investigate the island to see if it would serve as a secondary base. Zinlek decided he should leave the island, rather than attract attention. But he made a promise to come back one day and rid it of any Dark Hunters or Makuta. He named the island Va-Metru, The Island of Time. It is currently unknown whether he is on an island, or out at sea.

A few facts: 1. Zinlek made the ship he sails out of the finest Protosteel ever available using a Great Virni. The mask broke afterward from the huge stress.

2. He is the only recorded Toa of Time.

3. It is believed that his island was inhabited by mostly Va-Matoran, or Matoran of Time.

4. I had to use Pohatu Phantoka's maks as the Vahi as I do not actually own a Mask of Time.

My creativity is a gift from God

Bionicle is (c) Lego

The character Zinlek is (c) Me
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Simple yet Awsome
Thanks :D It took me awhile to put him together, but only because one of my solid orange arm pieces was missing >.< So I had to search for my transparent ones.
Got yah I hate it when that happens
TheUltamate Nov 4, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
Black and orange go so well together.
But how did he become a Toa of Time? I thought he was a Toa of Shadow.
He used to be a Toa of Time and Light. But then he got his light sucked out.
TheUltamate Nov 5, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
I see now.
i wish i had the money to go buy a bunch of Bionicles cause I have some really good ideas for the characters
Spuderific Nov 4, 2008
You know, when I first saw the promo pics forthe new Pohatu, I thought it was a Toa of time.
lol I never saw the promo pics but I always thought Pohatu's mask should've been a sort of Phantoka Vahi :D
Spuderific Nov 4, 2008
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